Toyota Supra A90

The Supra of Kai Uwe, creator of the RC Drift Society LE Facebook group, is grabbing attention with the combination of two interesting colors: a pearl effect black with the name “black magic” and a lime green. These colors seem to work together very well on this A90. The front is mainly covered in black while the rear is covered in green. It’s a cool idea that there is not a typical 50/50 design on it, as some parts, such as the roof for example, are still covered in lime green.

Photo 1: Front View of the fifth generation Supra

A widebody kit was also put on Kai’s Supra. It perfectly rounds up with the duck-tail looking rear end.

Photo 2: Rear view of the Supra, featuring a huge wing and a widebody kit

The F1-based rear diffusor gives the Supra a perfect track worthy look and leaves enough space for the two big exhaust tips. The huge high placed rear wing is very serious and provides surely a lot of downforce.

Photo 3: Side View

Black MST S-FBK 21 rims with tire stickers were put on this Supra. Kai did in our opinion an awesome job on this build! There are so many incredible details hidden on this A90.

See the full list of upgrades below:

  • Wide Body Kit for Toyota Supra (A90)
  • Lights Buckets for Toyota Supra (A90)
  • Mirrors for Toyota Supra (A90)
  • Killerbody dashboard
  • SRC tow hook
  • SRC window net
  • SRC bucket seats (Version 1)
  • SRC intercooler
  • SRC Racing slider window kit
  • MST S-FBK 21 wheels

Thank you for sharing, Kai!

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