Nissan Silvia S14

The S14 of Tobi Walker comes in a very cool livery: It is the team livery of the SlideFreaks RC Drift Team. The team features four drivers: Tobi Walker, Charlie Evans, Spencer Davies and Hayden Renton. Some team members already competed in different championships such as the UK World Qualifiers 2018, World Championships 2019 or the UK World Qualifiers 2019.

S13, S14 and S15 lineup from the SlideFreaks RC Drift Team

The D-Like shells are all painted in PS3 (light blue) from Tamiya. To give them a better and more unique look, the paint was backed with PS1 (white) and PS5 (black) paint from Tamiya. We really like the choice of going with a bright color for these drift builds. The teams decals were provided by Black Drift Graphics. All the team body shells were made by Neil Walker.

Side View of the S14

The S14 comes with a huge black Yokomo wing which is fixed with 4happywheels wing mounts. The S14 is running on white Kiwami rims from Overdose which harmonize perfectly with the bright body color. The wheels feature white tire stickers. Also noticeable on the blue Silvia are the clear taillights which are a very good way to get around the classical reddish look.

Rear View: Highlighting the wing and taillights

The homemade front splitter and the mirrors are painted in black. A Weld intercooler was also put in the Silvia to keep it cool.

Front View: Highlighting the lights

Furthermore, the S14 comes with D’Magic light buckets and a light kight from SF Lights. The white window net is from SRC.

Front View: Highlighting the dashboard

We haven’t talked about the dashboard yet: It comes from Pandora.

We really like the outcome of all the bodies from the SlideFreaks RC Team. Even when we only highlighted Tobi’s S14 in this post, there are a lot of details on the other bodies to still discover. Stay tuned – Maybe, we will get an in-depth view on the S13 and S15 as well. We really hope so!

Thank you for sharing, Neil!

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