Audi A4 B5

Kai Uwe transformed his Tamiya Audi A4 B5 STW into a clean B5 for the streets. STW stands for Super-Tourenwagen-Cup and was a german touring car racing series in the nineties. With that being said, we are not surprised to find more aerodynamic parts on a B5 STW than on a usual B5. A trained eye will notice that this the STW version by simply looking at the front bumper.

Front View of the A4 B5 STW

Kai Uwe’s B5 shines in an understating black color. The B5 is running on white BBS RS rims. The light buckets including the yellow painted indicators on the front are home made. The exhaust tips are also home made. They are being based on diesel exhaust tips.

Rear and Side View of the A4 B5 highlighting the clean rear end

A lot of people will probably agree on the fact that the STW spoiler simply looks awesome. However, on a clean (street) build, mounting a huge racing spoiler might not be the best idea as it would just destroy the clean look.

Side View of the A4 B5

The black Audi emblem on the front racing grille, the black mirrors and the windshield wipers were 3D-printed. Kai also placed a front splitter on the front bumper. This lets the car sit even lower to the ground.

Front View of the A4 B5

The B5 carries a snowboard on the 3D-printed roof rack.

We really like the outcome of this clean A4 B5. Thank you for sharing, Kai!

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