Toyota Supra A90

There is a lot to discover on Wojtek’s Supra. The body is a Toyota GR Supra (A90) from Tamiya. This Supra is covered in the SlideFreaks RC Drift Team livery. In another post, we already featured a S14 from SlideFreaks RC. The story why this shell differs from the primary PS3 (light blue) color of SlideFreaks RC is, because this shell was not initially planned to be wrapped in the team livery. When the shell was done, however, it looked like the team decals would fit very well with the colors – So Wojtek received the team decals and put them on the Supra!

Front View of the Supra

The front of this Supra is covered in PS63 (light gun metal) from Tamiya, while the rest of the body is covered in PS42 (translucent yellow). The transition of both colors is very smooth. This is because Wojtek didn’t mask everything off: He faded both colors. The gun metal fades smoothly into the translucent yellow. Some of our readers may be surprised, because translucent yellow is a very bright color, but the color on the body looks a bit darker. It looks like a nice mix between yellow and green. The translucent yellow was backed with PS27 (fluo yellow) and with PS63 (light gun metal). For this reason, the translucent yellow turned out a bit darker, but let’s be honest: It looks super awesome.

Side and Rear View of the Supra

Now, we need to talk about the rear wing. But which one? It is obvious, that a factory A90 does only come with a duck-tail shaped wing, which is, let’s face it, very cool. Wojtek meant serious business, as he placed another wing on the rear. The wing is from a Tamiya Nissan GTR R-35. The R-35 wing was trimmed a bit to fit the body. The result looks stunning and apparently, it does fit very well. It almost looks like the wing was made for the Supra Mk. 5.

Front View highlighting the light buckets

The very realistic looking front and rear light buckets are from Tamiya and were painted by Wojtek. The rounded and elegant side mirrors were taken from a Team Samurai RX7 FC.

The Supra is running white Overdose Kiwami rims.

We really like the outcome of this build. Thank you for sharing, Wojtek!

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