Mazda 3

Steve Drescher’s Mazda 3 is with its fluorescent yellow accents definitely an eye-catcher. The idea of building this Tamiya body came up, when someone in a German drift group created a challenge for a budget RC body build. Participants of this challenge were allowed to only spend 30€ on additional parts. The body shell itself and one color was not counting to the 30€. Also, it was allowed to use some leftover parts from other builds.

Front/Side View of the Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 is equipped with DS Racing tyres and rims. The white rims come with black rivets.

Steve applied some decals on the body that were provided by BattleParts. Most of the decals, including the sponsors, were placed on the side of the car.

The fluorescent yellow accents run over the whole body like perfectly drawn lines. One line runs over the upper side of the body, while the other one runs over the lower side of the body. The end plates of the rear wing and the mirrors are part of the upper line, while the rear diffusor, the side skirts and the front diffusor are part of the lower line.

Side View highlighting the fluorescent accents

A home made widebody kit was placed on the fluorescent blue Mazda 3. The widebody kit was made by cutting out lexan pieces of another body. The pieces were then adjusted to properly fit the body. The widebody parts were later fixed by using black screws.

The hood and the roof were painted in black. Steve also installed some black bonnet pins on the hood. This not only gives the car an even more race-worthy look, but the hood can be opened way faster. At least on 1:1 scale models.

Front View highlighting the hood and roof

BattleParts made the aerodynamic front splitter and the rear diffusor.

Rear View highlighting the wing and diffusor

The spoiler brackets on the huge rear wing are from Easymade88. Easymade call them Wing Stays.

The Mazda 3 has four exhaust tips. The exhaust tips were placed on the very outer side just directly under the rear diffusor.

We really like the outcome of this build. Thank you for sharing with us, Steve!

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