customzd’s Nissan R33 (GT-R)

I already introduced several builds on this blog. This time, I wanted to write about my own GT-R R33 body from Pandora. The Falken-inspired livery is based on Petfred’s Porsche 991 GT3 RS livery, which was made for the goldRush Rally “9INE”. The goldRush GT3 RS is wrapped in two colors: White and a matte gunmetal. I am not too sure about the exact colors, as they weren’t shared publicly. However, I painted the R33 in white (PS-1) and gunmetal (PS-23) from Tamiya. The white was backed with gunmetal, which led to a very bright grey. You can see that by comapring the white on the rims with the white on the body. To be totally honest with you: I haven’t had enough white, so I backed it with gunmetal. I really like the outcome. Backing the white with a silver would have been the better option though.

Front View of the R33 GT-R

Now, we really need to talk about the headlights. The R33 came with OEM R33 Xenon HID headlights, but it was not advertised with these headlights by Pandora. I didn’t really like the design of these headlights, so I decided to cover them by tinting them. I used a blue and yellow transparent colored window film and I think it turned out great. The window films and the headlight stickers were mounted on the inside of the body to give it a more realistic look when reflecting the light.

Rear View of the R33 GT-R

The spoiler flap sitting on the rear wing is made of the leftover lexan from the body. It is mainly covered with black customzd stickers. It’s the usual branding – You get it! I need to reapply those stickers, however, as they have already start coming off. I should have gone with a higher adhesive strength for these stickers.

I also installed a double rear muffler on the GTR.

Front View of the R33 GT-R

The R33 is not sitting very low to the ground, because it is not sitting on a display chassis. The Godzilla is running at ride height. I am running MST LM rims with +4mm offset on the front and on the rear. The front wheel arches do not allow a higher offset than +4mm, because otherwise the wheels would scrape at full steering lock. This is however not too bad, as it allows me to reduce the ride height by a few mm, as the wheels are sitting inside the wheel arches.

Rear/Side View of the R33 GT-R

The window frames were painted from the ouside.

I also applied thin body lines to give the R33 a more realistic look.

Rear View featuring the exhaust tips and rear lights of the R33 GT-R

The rear lights were mounted on the inside.

The GTR also received a license plate I had lying around.

Side View of the R33 GT-R

The sponsor decals were provided by a friend from Germany. They turned out awesome in my opinion.

It is worth mentioning that the gunmetal is not matte on this build. I am very aware of this fact, but I think the body is still worth sharing on this blog, even when it is not perfect.

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