Privacy Policy

We collect personal information on this website. This privacy policy familiarizes yourself with how your personal data is collected and processed. Your privacy is very important to us. Therefore we are very careful when it comes to processing any type of personal data. Personal data is not shared or forwarded to any third parties, unless otherwise stated. Most of personal data is collected by any type of forms.

If you do not want any personal data to be saved, please get in touch with us.

What data we collect


When you write a comment on this website, all the data shown in the comment form is collected by us. In addition to this data, we also collect your IP-address and your User-Agent-String (identifies the used browser) in order to prevent spam. This is required to enhance your experience on this website.

Avatar on Comments

An anonymized string (also known as Hash) of your email address could be passed to the Gravatar-Service (Globally Recognized Avatar) to check if you are making use of this service. The Privacy Policy of Gravatar can be found here. The Gravatar service allows registered users to use a customized avatar on this website. This is mainly useful when you want to be recognized faster in the comment section by other users.


You should avoid uploading photos with an EXIF-GPS-Location. Visitors of this website are able to download these photos and extract the location.


All information entered on contact forms is collected. We collect this information to be able get in touch with you or to simply react to your suggestions, concerns, questions or critisms.


We use Cookies to enhance your experience on this website. There are two important type of Cookies we need to differentiate.

  • Technical Cookies (also known as functional Cookies), which are required to allow the website to properly function by for example remembering user preferences.
  • Profiling Cookies (also known as non functional Cookies), which are used to track your activity on this website or to send you any form of suitable adverts based on your profile on this website.

When writing a comment on this website, we assume that you agree on saving your email address and name in Cookies. Saving these information in cookies makes commenting more comfortable for you, as you do not need to manually re-enter all the required information every single time when leaving a comment. These cookies are saved for one year.

If you have an existing account on this website, we set a temporary cookie after logging in to check if your Browser accepts cookies or not. This temporary cookie does not contain any personal data and will be removed from your computer after closing your browser.

We store cookies during the log in process in order to save your login details and display options. Login Cookies are only stored for two days, while the display option Cookies are stored for one year. When the “Remember Me” checkbox is selected upon login, your data will be saved for two weeks. The Login Cookies are removed when logging out.

An additional cookie is stored when editing or publishing a post on the website. This Cookie does not contain any personal data and only refers to the post ID of the article, that you edited. This Cookie is removed after one day. As you, as a visitor, can not edit or create a new post on this website, no additional cookie is stored on your computer.

Google reCAPTCHA v3

We do make use of Google’s reCaptcha v3 to protect our contact forms from spam. Hard- and software-, device and application information is stored for analysis purposes and these information details are sent to Google. Google needs these information to enhance their reCaptcha.

Analytic tools

Requests to this website are tracked for analytical purposes.

Embedded content from other websites

Even when we are very careful and provident in terms of embedding content from other websites (such as links, videos, images, posts, etc…), we are not responsible for any form of damage caused by these embedded contents. Embedded content behaves exactly like you were directly visiting the sites where the content is from.

External websites can potentially collect personal data from you. Your personal data might be stored in Cookies and used by Tracking Services from third parties. When having an account on any of the embedded websites, your activity with these contents might also be recorded.

With who we share your data

Your personal data is not shared with any other third parties, unless otherwise stated.

How long we store your data

When you leave a comment on an article, the comment itself and the corresponding meta data will be stored for an undefined time in our database. This is necessary to enhance the user experience by bypassing the comment moderation queue, which is a spam prevention method.

We also store personal data entered by users in their account profiles. Every user has access to his personal data at any time and can see, edit or delete his personal data. Your username can not be changed by yourself. Please contact us if you want your username to be changed. Website administrators can see and edit your personal data as well.

What rights do you have on your data?

If you have an account on our website or if you have ever left a comment on our website, you can request an export of all yor personal data. Furthermore, you can also request a full removal of your personal data, stored on our webiste. This does not include data that we need to keep due to administrative, lawfully or security related reasons.

Where do we send your data?

Visitor comments could potentially be evaluated by automatic Spam Preventioning Services. This is done to prevent spam and to improve the detection of spam.